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A narrative that extends beyond multiple media forms that also plays to the strength those forms.

The technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

The above are two definitions of transmedia that pretty well describe my approach to content marketing. Below, you can find content marketing resume. Each position includes my favorite writing samples followed by a long list of other great content I've produced over the years. You can also skip ahead to my B2B writing samples.

If you'd like to find my creative work, you can click through to one of the following pages, though much of it is still under construction. Thank you for visiting.


Writing samples



B.A., English, 2007, University of New Orleans

Attended Humboldt State University 2005–2006 during Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Professional Development

Google Analytics Individual Certification

HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate

HubSpot Software Certificate

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate

Personal Development

Building a Second Brain with Tiago Forte

OmniFocus for Mac, Essential Training

OmniFocus for iOS, Essential Training

Effortless Output Roam Research Training with Nat Elliason


UCB Sketch Writing 101 & 201

Corey Mandell Professional Screenwriting Workshops, Los Angeles

Appears in

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