Brady Evan Walker is a Brooklyn-based, Louisiana-bred Cajun screenwriter whose stories circle the extremes of narcissism, solipsism, and intentional self-delusion to dramatize unique expressions of common human experience. (Can you tell that he had a religious upbringing?)

To date, Brady has written seven produced short films.

“Bygones” /// “Settling Up” /// “Mnemonia” /// “Zugzwang” /// “Hashshashin” /// “Porn for the Blind” /// “Her Favorite Patient”

Brady’s script for his half-hour comedy pilot, Kralik, was a quarterfinalist for the 2018 Screen Craft Pilot Launchpad and finalist for the 2018 Sundance Episodic Lab. His half-hour dramatic pilot, Good Children, was a finalist for the 2019 Sundance Episodic Lab. 

His shorts “Bygones” and “Settling Up” both premiered at the 2019 Lighthouse International Film Festival.  “Bygones” is an official selection at the 2019 Coney Island Film Festival.

Brady is one-third of the writing trio behind Story Ave, a 2019 Sundance Screenwriting Lab and Directors Lab selection, which he co-wrote with Aristotle Torres and Bonsu Thompson

Active in the New York independent film scene, Brady is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and The Filmshop.