Note / What is a Metaverse Writer?

I don't know what a Metaverse Writer (MW) is exactly. It might look something like LaTurbo Avedon, but who’s to say?

What follows is what I think becoming an MW will involve and where I stand on the road to being one.

  1. Learning tools like Unreal Engine and Sandbox

    • I don’t have any real computer skills, especially not coding or design.

  2. Understanding video games

    • I was terrible at Mortal Kombat in 6th Grade.

  3. Learning about the world of virtual reality

    • Experienced a VR shark attack once four years ago. I’ll buy a headset soon, though.

  4. Digital spaces

    • I walked around Decentraland and The Sandbox for about 15 minutes last night

  5. Augmented reality

    • I did the Apple art walk once!

  6. Getting involved with NFTs and DAOs

  7. Learning how immersive theater writers do it.

    • I'm enrolled in workshops through LaMama and Third Rail Projects in January and February 2022.

  8. And a number of other things!

Here's my most immediate plan to become a Metaverse Writer.

In January, I will

  1. Be active daily in the Jenkins the Valet Writers Room Discord while updating "In the Jenkins Writers Room: Notes for an Essay" on an ongoing basis.

  2. Participate in and document my experience with Culture Hub's Writing for Electronic Formats workshop led by playwright Erik Ehn

  3. Join Third Rail Projects' Winter Experiential Practices Workshop Series with Tom Pearson

In February, I will...

  1. Continue with the Third Rail workshops

  2. Take "Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative" through Coursera

  3. Publish one interactive story made in Twine on

In March, I will...

  1. Finish "Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative" through Coursera

  2. Adapt one or more unproduced short screenplays through Unreal Engine

  3. Publish one interactive game on

I'm probably planning ahead too much, but I'll continue to update my progress here! Until tomorrow.

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