Getting new ideas

I'm not always consistent with it, but for weeks or months at a time, I will make it a point to find and jot down seven ideas that I like every day. For me, these are almost always story ideas, but because stories are so all-encompassing, almost anything can be justified as a story idea.

For example:

  1. "Man who can't walk teaches himself to surf."

  2. "Obsessive collage artist."

  3. TITLE: "Bad Dreamer"

These are then transcribed and tagged appropriately to live inside of my Roam-based idea index.

Here are some ways that I go hunting for idea nuggets (posts for each of these coming soon):

  1. Melting stories

  2. Videohound

  3. Intuitive writing

  4. Noticing

  5. Four prompts

  6. Forestry

NB: Everything on this site is a living document — just because I press publish doesn't mean I've said all I have to say on a topic.

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