Screenwriting in Unreal Engine: Notes for an Essay

I’ve written and produced six short films, but I didn’t direct any of them. In May 2020, that was all supposed to change. Instead, everything else in my life changed, but my status as a first-time director remained negative.

I’ve moved around a bit since then, and the cast and crew that I had lined up are all still in Brooklyn (probably... possibly...), where I no longer live.

Since I’m in no place in life to make this 5-page short film into a reality via the traditional route, I’m instead going to use the script as the basis for my learning how to write and shoot in Unreal Engine.

For the next few weeks (once I begin), I’ll be logging my progress learning and creating in Unreal Engine to make a short, obscene comedy.

First post, coming in February 2022...

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