The official soundtracks of desk-drawer screenplays

Every script I've ever worked on has gotten its own soundtrack. Even if the story didn't quite work, the OST sure as hell did.

Here I will reflect on the bygone scripts that just didn't hit the mark, why they didn't, what lessons could be gleaned from their failures, and why losing the chance to put this OST on the big screen is such a shame.

Unless otherwise noted, let's think of these as hibernating early drafts from a writer who hadn't yet learned that 🧘 Patience with problem-solving goes hand in hand with storytelling.

A frustrated novelist does whatever he can to destroy his overdue follow-up.

Coming soon...

Here We Are Nowhere (Feature)

Hangman (Feature)

Porn for the Blind (Comedy Pilot)

Titanium Housewife (Drama Pilot)

TV Television (Comedy Pilot)

Good Children (Feature)

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