Welcome to 100 Philip Seymour Hoffmans, where I will display a small fraction of the many, many Philip Seymour Hoffmans I generate with Midjourney in the hopes that I will discover "my own AI style."

As crypto art OG Coldie told SuperRare in an interview, "No one knows what they are doing until making 100 of something, so don’t be critical of where you are at now. Just improve on the next one."

Looks a bit more like PSH by Franz Masereel, IMO.

I revised this so many times but still couldn't get the dang nose right.

This was a shocking output, a remastered version of this.

I didn't request David Bowie eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised with it.

There's no library, but this was my favorite of about 50 gens.

Today is the day I switched over to Version 4.

Seems a tad forgiving on the aging front, but I'll take it.

I used a reference image in Version 4 and then just typed Philip Seymour Hoffman

I dropped a reference image that was pretty abstract and typed in Philip Seymour Hoffman and after a few iterations, got it.

For the record, I'm not trying to rip off anyone's style. I'm just experimenting, and I give style credit when references were used.


Check back often. I'm making new Hoffmans all the time!

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