Alternative blog title: Seat in the Kingdom (in Hell)

Once I was in a band, and in that band, I tried to rally the troops around a medley I’d arranged of four songs that closely orbited the phrase “your man” or “my man.” They were:

  • “I’m Waiting For My Man” by the Velvet Underground
  • “Here’s Comes Your Man” by Pixies
  • “I’m Your Man” by Richard Hell & the Voidoids
  • “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen

The medley never happened, but what did happen around that time was this…

I read this blog post announcing the release by Mississippi Records of a new compilation called Life is a Problem comprising “raw, electric guitar-based, gospel recorded between 1949 & 1976.”

The comp (and the blog post) featured a song called “Seat in the Kingdom” sung by a truly possessed 10-year-old boy called Sugar with a group alternately called The Crumb Brothers or The Hightower Brothers, depending on who you ask and when (apparently).

What struck me almost immediately is the resemblance it bore to one of the abovementioned songs, one of my personal favorites from one of my personal favorite records by Richard Hell, a guy I totally adore, but I knew the song “I’m Your Man” from Blank Generation so well that I didn’t need to re-listen to confirm my suspicions that Hell had very cleanly lifted this song and only went so far as to rewrite most of the lyrics.

Here are the places where he preferred the original:

“I’m Your Man”
You’ve known them since age ten
What men can do
What they did for themselves
I’ll do for you

“Seat in the Kingdom”
You know it’s no secret
What God can do
What he did for others
He’ll do the same for me and you

“I’m Your Man”
Well talk about me babe
Whaddaya see
Before you talk, I’m gonna get down on my knees

“Seat in the Kingdom”
Well talk about me
As much as you please
Before you talk, I’m gonna get down on my knees

Anyway, hear for yourself here. Also, just a side note — it’s very odd that, though Spotify has Blank Generation (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) it does not have this song (though “I’m Your Man” was, in fact, an outtake from the Blank Generation sessions and not on the original album, it was included on the 1990 reissue). But WHY DOES THE “DELUXE EDITION” NOT FUCKING INCLUDE IT?

Anyway, Spotify, get your shit together.