Strong-ish opinions

Strong-ish opinions

I keep a loose grip on this thing called an opinion, and the ones I have are generally around art because that really is my only true stomping ground, and — at the end of the day — it's totally trivial.

I rank these on a scale from 1–10, 1 being little more than a hunch and 10 being a deeply held conviction. I'm working on a list of more peppy opinions. The ones that immediately came to mind are a bit...combative.


Eric Clapton is bland, dull, predictable, and the most overrated musician of his generation.

Dave Grohl is his generation's (non-racist) Eric Clapton.

Though I truly love The Beatles, "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney is still the most overrated song of all time.

Dark roast coffee is wretched.


Quentin Tarantino's movies were better when they were edited by Sally Menke. I have a hunch that she reined in his bloat.

Ray Davies ≥ Paul McCartney (note that I did not write McCartney/Lennon)


John Cale is more talented than Lou Reed in everything except lyric-writing and caustic wit.

Wes Anderson needs to direct something that he had no hand in writing, maybe something by the Safdie Brothers.


Ranking something as 7 out of 10 is cowardly.


"Pet Sounds" > Any Beatles album taken on its own merits

The Safdie Brothers should direct something written by Wes Anderson.

Anything less than 6 isn't a strong-ish opinion.

NB: Everything on this site is a living document — just because I press publish doesn't mean I've said all I have to say on a topic.