David Vargas appreciation

David Vargas appreciation

I know you and I are now communicating through space and time, but that doesn't make me any more tech-savvy than your average wheelwright. The truth is, though, that I admire bloggers — I'm not sure why, but I do. And I've always had it in my mind that I would have fun with my own website.

But having a website is a pain in the ass.

If I wanted to struggle with matching up linespacings and puzzle over why my site looks lopsided all the time, then WordPress and Squarespace would've been great little sandboxes of joy.

So I let that friction win the battle against my relatively weak will to build a little fiefdom of text. I dreamt of being able to organize and publish directly from my text editor. I sat and I dreamt lazily, o so lazily. And I asked around on the Roam Research Slack.

And there I found none other than David Vargas and RoamJS

David helped me build (correction: he simply built) this website, which I manage entirely from my Roam Research graph, and I have oodles of good intentions that I shall stand victoriously over the corpse of Bloggers' Resistance...SOONER OR LATER!

In all seriousness, thank you David Vargas.

NB: Everything on this site is a living document — just because I press publish doesn't mean I've said all I have to say on a topic.